Mold Assessment Services and Information

In NYS, contractors who are hired for working with mold must hold a valid mold assessment or remediation license. Click here for the web page to search for licensed contractors in your area.

Assessment Process

An individual can call or email their concern and set up a time to have the assessment preformed. We asses the home/business premises for water issues (broken gutters/down spouts, poor grading, roof leaks, etc.). A typical assessment includes three samples of the suspect mold (air or surface). If the mold is growing on a surface we can take a sample of that potential mold with a swab. That swab is then sent to a certified laboratory to be cultured and identified. The lab we work with is Enviroscreening lab. They provide an excellent break down of the mold type and quantity. The same is true for an air sample except it is collected via an air sampling device. Once the air/surface contaminate is identified we then write a specific plan of action to rectify the issue called the remediation/sanitation report. This almost always includes a way to mitigate water. Moisture or substances soaked in water can be a perfect breeding ground for mold. We identify these and provide a way to keep the water from the area. Then once the water is no longer allowing the correct conditions for the mold to grow we can go to work removing the mold that grew. We are happy to help mitigate the water issues as a separate field of work than that of the assessment.

In NYS the state has broken assessment and remediation of mold into two separate licenses. One business or company can possess both licenses, however they are not allowed to be both assessor and remediator on the same job. Atwood contracting holds a NYS assessment license. After it is determined that mold is present, the amount of mold visible will determine how it needs to be resolved. If the area is over 10 square feet of visible mold growth, a remediation company is necessary to remove that volume of mold. If the area is less than 10 square feet, the mold assessor can by law sanitize the area, and accomplish the same results as the mold remediator but on a smaller scale. if a remediation is necessary, the assessor will make this determination and present that need in their assessment report. The assessor's job is to determine the best way for the remediator to remediate the mold safely and throughly. This is included in the assessment report. The remediator is also welcome to speak with Atwood Contracting about the issue and the path to resolving the issue. The assessor also sets a ball park figure for the cost or doing the remediation.

Post Remediation Verification

We recommend that once the remediation work is complete that a post remediation clearance testing is preformed. This includes retesting the area that had presented with positive mold before remediation. It is wise to ensure that the remediation was preformed successfully. This also provides proof to anyone interested that the issue that once existed has been resolved correctly and by NYS law.

Assessment cost

We charge a flat rate of $300.00 plus NYS tax. This includes the assessment of the building envelope and the cause of the water/moisture. Three samples total (swab or air) and the processing and lab report of the results. Also included is the remediation/sanitization report. We can take more samples if requested or needed, each further sample will be billed at $30.00. Sanitization cost is determined in each circumstance and can be discussed after the assessor has looked at the space. Sanitization cost is always less than remediation however it can only treat up to 10 square feet.

Post Remediation Verification Cost

We charge a flat rate of $200.00 plus NYS tax. This includes our coming back out to the site to take samples where the original samples were collected. We then send the verification samples to the laboratory to confirm that the mold has been remediated/sanitized entirely. We then write a final remediation/sanitation report reflecting the verification samples were negative and the issue was resolved.